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Testimonials from satisfied clients...

Monday Jul 14, 2014 Mary S.:

Came to us with unfiled personal and business (Schedule C Sole Proprietor) tax returns for several years and a Substitute for Return for 2001 that the IRS filed on her behalf. We contacted the IRS, asked and received a credit hold on her account, performed several years of bookkeeping for the business and filed the delinquent returns. Mary received approval for an installment plan over several years that she could afford to pay on a monthly basis with no future harassment from the IRS. We negotiated the removal of approximately $7,000 in penalties for late filing and late payment. She walked away saving over $50,000.

Wednesday Jul 31, 2013 Greg H.:

We helped secure a wage levy release for Greg H. before it took effect, filed back returns and secured a "currently not collectable" status. Greg was one happy client.

Sunday Apr 28, 2013 M Smith:

Assisted M. Smith in filing a back tax return and having the tax due to an established installment plan without having to endure the cost of completing another form 433 (financial information form).

Wednesday Apr 16, 2003 Michael P.:

We are happy to announce that we recently saved Michael P. of Sarasota, FL about 60K in taxes and penalties by professionally working with the taxpayer and IRS to come to a resolution on prior filed and unfiled tax returns. The client actually ended up getting a refund of about 2K. Our fee $1,500. The clients own words:

I normally don't take the time to write a referral for a paid service, except when the services are not up to par.  This time was different and I felt that others need to know of the outstanding service that was given by Mr. Michael Bassin.  He listened to my story, understood my issues (back taxes for 5 years) and most of all, I felt that his trust was with me.  All requested changes made by Mr. Bassin were accepted by the I.R.S. and after it was all said and done, the IRS actually owed me money.  Mr. Bassin's compassion for his job in helping people in times of need were prevalent from the first phone contact made and throughout the process.

I highly recommend his services to all in need of tax services especially if you are ever in an unfortunate position of having the IRS overwhelm you with letters, threats, liens, etc. Kudos to Mr. Bassin for excelling above and beyond expectations that anyone could ever expect especially being an underdog against the almighty IRS.  You are truly a God send!