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Tax Representation, IRS Help and Issues.

We offer professional experience and REAL solutions to your tax needs. The rules surrounding tax representation and resolving tax issues whether they are related to owing back taxes , filing past due tax returns or contesting amounts owed are very complex. However, with our experience we can help you, at very reasonable fees, plow through the process expeditiously and to your benefit within the law and leave you with peace of mind before, during and after the process without breaking your wallet. 

Our minimum fee is only $150 which includes a consultation to discuss your issue and to start working on your case. Depending on your circumstances, that may be all that is needed. We will not bill you for extraneous work and will work as efficiently as possible. During the initial consultation we will discuss your budget and the amount that we feel will bring closure to your case.  We also bill in increments as work is performed therefore not requiring full payment up front.

    If you owe the IRS back taxes we can help get in the way of liens and levies before they are 
    processed or assist in getting them removed if they have already been filed against you.
    We can assist in establishing payment plans with the IRS.
    Depending on your tax and financial situation we can work with the IRS in offering a compromise on the amount of tax that you may owe.
    We can help file "back" tax returns, amend returns that may have been filed in error and/or work to get prior audits reconsidered.

Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

  1. Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping- We can compile your books on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on your needs and budget.
  2. Financial Statements Preparation
  3. QuickBooks - As a QuickBooks Pro we can assist you in setting up and maintaining your QuickBooks System.
  4. Business Consulting Services - The business consulting services we can provide are varied such as business valuations, lease or buy decisions, company set up and guidance and business acquisition support.
  5. Payroll Services- We are affiliated with a local payroll service provider that can handle all of your payroll needs.


CPA Financial Support Services for Seniors

In response to the needs of an aging population, an increase in dual career households and the physical location of family members necessitates professional CPA Financial Support Services for Seniors ("FSSS"). CPA FSSS assures clients that the financial, medical and residential needs of their parents or other cared for individuals are professionally monitored. These services allow seniors to live more independently while offering their children or other caring individuals the peace of mind that financial affairs are in order.

  1. Fraud Prevention/Asset Protection
  2. Bill Paying
  3. Financial Reporting
  4. Record Keeping
  5. Large Purchase Support (Car, Furniture, etc.)
  6. Profession Contact (for seniors and family)
  7. Third Party Caregiver assurance
  8. Tax Return Preparation
  9. Asset/Investment Analysis and Reporting
  10. Insurance Review